Matt Richards

My mission is co-creating harmonious and abundant futures for all. My passion is empowering people with learning and technology. I'm an educator, life-long learner, technologist and learning space maker. My adventures include the design and creation of makerspaces, learning labs and social spaces. I connect people and build communities of learning. I love what I do.
"We can now take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than anybody has ever known. It does not have to be “you or me,” so selfishness is unnecessary and war is obsolete." (B. Fuller 1981)

Articles & videos:

Education Technology Solutions: Creating a High-Tech Learning Lab in a Museum

Evolving Learning Space Typologies: White paper

New Zealand Science Teacher: In defence of flat-earthers

Matt Minecraft (Mini doco by Paddy McCann): Minecraft for learning

Prime News - Makerspace (Video)

Google for Education - Case Study

Conferences & events presentations:

Independent Schools Digital Collaboration Network 27/10/17

Ruapehu Transformation Project 16/09/17

Leading a Digital School 17/08/17

Leading a Digital School 17/08/17

EduTECH 2017

LoopEd 2/06/17

Future Schools 24/03/17

Te Papa Talk: Virtual Realities 20/03/17

Blended Learning & Development Conference 8/03/17

Museum Education Conference 1/02/17

Imaging Forum 24/11/16

Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum Conference 31/08/16

Leading A Digital School Conference 25/08/16

SCICON 2016 13/07/16

Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum Conference 17/03/16

Openworld Edu 26/11/15

ULearn 2015 7/10/15

EduTECH 2015 2/06/15

ICTENSW 2015 14/03/15

Connected Education Summit 21/04/15

Future Schools 11/03/15
ClassTECH & Young Learners conferences

AIS ICT Integrators Conference 17/09/14

EduTECH 2014 3/06/14

IWBNET- 7th National Leading a Digital School Conference 29-30/08/13

PEIC- Digital Citizenship Conference 26/07/13

EduTECH 2013 3/06/13

AIS NSW ICT Management and Leadership conference 29/05/13

PLANE Festival of Learning 19/10/12